SyuuNet Staff

This homepage introduces the staff and work of SyuuNet.


SyuuNet is made up of three main staff teams.

Marketing Team

The marketing team works on planning, conceptualization, and new development to improve the service.

Support Team

Our support team is always there for our users to help them enjoy their experience even more.

Production Team

The production team is constantly developing content that users can enjoy more and more.

Development For Users

We have three key developers who are working daily to make our website, servers, and community services more user-friendly.

Because SyuuNet is 100% in-house developed, we are more careful to correct bugs and errors.

All of this is done to ensure that users are satisfied with their play.

Event Planning

We envision a more fun and frenetic plan to revitalize the Minecraft PvP community.

In addition, a system is in place to support corporate PR throughout the event.

We support companies that want to enter the MinecraftPvP and esports market.

Extensive User Support

The support ticket system developed by our company allows individual consultation with staff members, leading to faster and more courteous problem solving.

In addition to service problems, new proposals and questions can be discussed with each staff member through support tickets, allowing us to provide support as a presence that is closer to the user.