Developer Note - About China IP


Dear SyuuNet Community

Thank you for your daily support.

Today, I would like to disclose information about China Proxy, whose servers are currently down.

Our development team receives many comments and complaints about the China Proxy vulnerability on a daily basis.

This issue needs to be addressed immediately and we have developed a workaround.

We sincerely apologize for the impact this issue has had on the connectivity and gameplay of many of our users.

Our development team needs to address this issue with the community, so we are providing you with more information now about a new update that will be applied shortly.

Current China IP

Currently China IP is converting one direct IP to through a security company.

We believe that there is only one direct IP available for and this was the main reason why the server went down immediately in the event of a DDoS attack.

China IP to be updated

The new China IP currently under development will be an update to remedy the previous vulnerabilities.

The number of direct IPs has been increased to four, and those four direct IPs are managed by a security company as dynamic IPs.

In the event of a major DDoS attack, one of the IPs will be down, but one of the other three IPs will be up and running as the new

While the other IP is up and running, the downed IP will be restored.

Also, users will only need to connect to "" on the Minecraft server screen, as in the previous method.


It would be a versatile update, but with one major risk.

If this update is applied, approximately 70% of the running cost of providing the SyuuNet service currently goes to the China Proxy operation.

This is a much higher cost than you might think, and we do not know how long we will be able to provide services to China.

Therefore, we would like to make a request to you.

Please send your suggestions for game items and other products you would like to see to the following e-mail address!

Suggestions received will be immediately reviewed by the marketing team and possibly added to the Store.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions.


We apologize for the long delay in responding to your comments and questions regarding the China IP issue.

While our development team can fix bugs and develop games at the discretion of each of us, we were unable to answer or respond to the network issues as quickly as we would have liked, as it was necessary to discuss the issue with our marketing team.

We will continue to do our best to provide an environment that everyone can enjoy as much as possible.Thank you for your continued support of SyuuNet.

Written by Jin_xD