Patch Note #3






Dear SyuuNet community, Thank you for your daily support.

My name is miruzero, Development Project Manager.

I apologize for the delay in updating this page. This is the first patch note of the newly formed development team.

Thank you for your continued support.

Patch Note #3





・キューメニューからより多くの詳細を表示されるようにしました。(ランキング、Daily WIN Streak)

・BUHC, S2P2 Leaderboard 各自のホログラムに自分のEloとランキングを表示されるようにしました。






Fixed Bugs:





Syuu Annihilation:



・/stash コマンドを使って、インベントリーに空きがなく受け取れなかったボスバフを入手できるようになりました。

Fixed Bugs:







Added Skywars:



(Some updates and reported bug fixes for the new season)


Added a special effect that can be used by users who own YT or Donor ranks.

(Available with /seffect the command)

(Applies to all servers in SyuuNet)


More details are now displayed from unranked/ranked queue menu. (Player rankings, Daily WIN Streak)

BUHC, S2P2 Leaderboard: Display your Elo and Ranking on your hologram.

The scoreboard displayed while playing Ranked now shows the opponent's ranking and Elo.

Users who have been Ranked Banned are no longer displayed on the leaderboard.

Added a feature to set a closure period for Ranked Matches.

Added a feature to not be allowed to craft in FinalUHC.

Skywars queue can now be done from anywhere on the Practice server.

Fixed Bugs:

 Fixed an issue in FinalUHC where damage was not immediately dealt to players who took damage from flying objects. (Fishing Rod)

Problem with frame image rendering not finishing immediately.

Problem with different mc versions of the game causing the picture frame to be rotated.

Fixed a spell in unranked/ranked queue menu.

Syuu Annihilation:

Fixed a problem in which the player's health is changed to 0.5 immediately after

leaving a game and joining a game, and then changed back to the health at

the time of leaving.

The scoreboard for players using versions 1.8.9 or later now displays the experience requested from the anvil.

(This is because different mc versions have different experience requirements.)

/stash command now allows you to obtain boss buffs that couldn't be received due to a full inventory.

Fixed Bugs:

Beds and sponges cannot be broken with any tool.

Items disappear when trying to remove enchantments with the Tinkerer.

An issue where the Transporter's portal ability could suffocate players.

An issue where boss buffs would disappear when the inventory was full and couldn't be obtained.

Healer class items can be removed by right clicking on the block.

Fixed a spell in the classes menu (Tinkerer)

Added Skywars:

Fixed an issue where players couldn't leave the queue under certain conditions.

Fixed an issue where cages wouldn't disappear.