Patch Note #4


Practice And All




Syuu Annihilation


8v8は計16人がRed TeamとBlue Teamに分かれて戦う試合形式です。

現在は`/tournament` コマンドでのみ8v8を主催できます。


- Party作成可能

- PartyメンバーはPartyリーダー同じチームに参加することが可能です。

- 一つのPartyあたり、最大人数は8人

- チーム選択不可

- 複数のチームメイトが同じClassを使用することは不可(Civilianは例外)

- Phase 2,3,4は5分



- 価格は1つ 15金インゴット

- スポンジブロックを中心に5x5の範囲の水源を削除

- 水を吸ったスポンジブロックは回収不可


- 死亡しリスポーン後、無敵時間が2秒間付与

- リスポーン直後動いた場合、無敵時間が1秒以上余っている場合、1秒に短縮


- 黒曜石をダイヤピッケルで壊した際にドロップしないように仕様変更



- Alchemistのクラスアイテムのポーションスタンドでポーションを作成する際の醸造時間を半減


- 初期装備の石の剣を木の剣に変更


- Swapされた側にのみ、5秒間衝撃吸収2を付与


- クラスアビリティの「Transform」のクールタイムを15秒に短縮

- クラスアビリティの「Transform」を切り替え式に変更

- 以前は「Transform」を使用してから20秒間のみ飛行可能という仕様でした。


- 2チーム戦専用Mapを新しく公開。(Builder Ke1ta)

# 不具合修正


- BrooksのRedチームのItem Shopが利用できない不具合を修正


- VampireのClassアビリティで飛行中、蝙蝠に変身しない不具合を修正

- VampireのClassアビリティで飛行中、ブロックの設置と破壊ができる不具合を修正

- TinkererのPowerPadが既に設置されている状態で死亡すると、リスポーン後のインベントリに設置済みのPowerPadが戻る不具合を修正

- TransporterのPortalが氷と感圧版、看板に設置できる不具合を修正

- 近接と弓による攻撃でSpyのVanishを解除できない不具合を修正

- Succubusの敵の体力が見える仕様で、敵の体力が10♡以上の時、0♡と表示される不具合を修正

- TransporterのPortalが片側だけ設置されている状態で死亡しても、Portalが破壊されない不具合を修正

Auto translation

Practice And All

Added a redstone repeater to the lobby item to open the settings screen. (right click).

The amount of Prefixes displayed in the Chat section can be reduced or made invisible from the Settings screen (requires a rank). (Requires rank).

The sound of a hit can be changed to a different sound from the settings screen or the /hitsound command. (It may change to something not expected by the resource pack you are using.)

Syuu Annihilation

Implementation of 8v8

8v8 is a match format where a total of 16 players are divided into Red Team and Blue Team.

Currently, 8v8 can only be hosted by using the `/tournament` command.

The following is a detailed specification of 8v8.

- Party can be created.

- Party members can join the same team as the party leader.

- Maximum number of players per Party is 8.

- No team selection

- No more than one teammate can be in the same Class (with the exception of Civilian).

- Phase 2, 3 and 4 are 5 minutes long

New updates

Sponges added to the item store.

- Price is one 15 gold ingot

- Removed water source in 5x5 area centered on sponge block

- Sponge block that has absorbed water cannot be retrieved

Added 2 seconds of invincibility immediately after respawn

- After respawning after death, invincibility time is granted for 2 seconds.

- If you move immediately after respawning, if you have more than 1 second of invincibility time left, it will be reduced to 1 second.

Obsidian is no longer recoverable.

- Obsidian no longer drops when broken with diamond nickel

Class updates


- The brewing time when creating potions with the potion stand for Alchemist class items has been reduced by half.


- The initial equipment of a stone sword has been changed to a wooden sword.


- Only the side that is swapped gains Shock Absorption 2 for 5 seconds.


- Reduced the coold time of the Transform class ability to 15 seconds.

- Changed the "Transform" class ability to a switchable type.

- Previously, the ability to fly was only available for 20 seconds after using "Transform".

Map update

- A new map dedicated to 2-team matches is now available. (Builder Ke1ta)

# Bug fixes


- Fixed a bug that prevented Brooks' Red team from using the Item Shop.


- Fixed an issue where Vampire's Class ability would not transform into a bat while flying.

- Fixed an issue where Vampire's Class ability could set up and destroy blocks while flying.

- Fixed a bug where if a Tinkerer died with a PowerPad already installed, the installed PowerPad would return to the inventory after respawning.

- Fixed a bug where the Transporter's Portal could be placed on ice, pressure-sensitive plates, and billboards.

- Fixed a bug that prevented Spy's Vanish from being canceled by melee and bow attacks.

- Fixed a bug that Succubus's enemy's health is displayed as 0♡ when the enemy's health is more than 10♡.

- Fixed a bug that the Portal of Transporter is not destroyed even if the player dies while only one side of the Portal is set up.